This was my view yesterday morning as I sipped my coffee. I was so overwhelmed by the beauty, I decided I needed to put my cup down and go be a part of it! I paddled over to the other side of the lake and marveled at the colors surrounding me. As I sat there in the quiet, I heard a bull moose grunting, looking for a fight, way off in the distance. I practiced my moose call for a bit, trying not to giggle. That always ruins it. The swans on the back lake must have heard me because they flew over, making a wide arc. Of course I had to talk to them, too. I asked them if they were flying south for the winter. I was given a single “honk” as my answer. I wasn’t sure what that meant. A little while later they were back, but this time they had three babies with them. I am convinced they brought the cygnets over to show them to me. I suspect that we will get to see some flight training over the next week or so as they all get ready for the long trip that lay ahead of them.

People often ask me why in the world I would want to live out here, off-grid and off the road system. Why would I not???


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