This Fourth of July, Shon and I flew across the Yentna River to celebrate our independence with our small river community. When we arrived, I realized that there were quite a few people at the party that I didn’t know. There were some who only come up to Alaska for the summer. Others were “weekenders” who come out to their cabins every chance they get. I was happy to see an opportunity to get to know some new folks. I found an empty spot at the picnic table next to a friendly young woman. I asked her if I could sit next to her and she readily agreed. I introduced myself and mentioned that I didn’t think I knew her. Her reply? “I know you! I have your book.” We both laughed at my surprise. I had to get over the fact that she knew so much about me and I knew nothing about her! It was such a strange feeling. In just a little bit, however, I realized it actually saved time. Instead of going back and forth about who we both are, where we come from, and what we do, we jumped right into a wonderful conversation. In just a short time, I got to know her and her sweet husband and made two new friends.
Maybe it isn’t so bad being an open book.

Picture Credit: Cammeron Edwards


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