Do you notice all of the dead spruce trees? 

If you look closely, you might even notice one that is broken off.  A few years ago, spruce beetles came through our neck of the woods.  We did our best to protect the huge spruce trees around our house, but to no avail.  They got every single one.  Thankfully, the beetles were not interested in the younger, healthier spruce trees.  When the wind is blowing, we don’t get out in the forest.  Even standing on the front porch, we sometimes hear dead spruce trees snapping in a strong gust.  During the winter, our trails are often blocked by newly downed spruce.  We have heard from some of our neighbors who have saw mills that much of the standing dead spruce trees are getting so rotten that it is no longer good for lumber.  It will be a long while before our forests look healthy again.

Even the largest, most stately tree can be brought down by a host of quarter-inch bugs. 


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