Did you know that there is white sweet clover in Alaska? I mean A LOT of white sweet clover… It is all over my yard. I love it. It smells divine. I go out on my porch when the clover is in bloom and deeply breath in the heavenly smell.
I have learned, however, that not everyone in Alaska is impressed with it. It might smell good, but it is considered invasive. There are people who think that it is interfering with the pollination of the berry plants. Apparently the bees are neglecting some of the blueberry and raspberry plants because they like the clover as much as I do!
I haven’t tried it, but I read that the clover blossoms are quite delicious and high in protein.
Have you tried it? I’m pretty sure Shon would wonder what was up if he found it in a salad.

Sweet White Clover


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