About the Author

Ann Parker

Ann Parker was born in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Her younger years were spent in Carrizozo, New Mexico, trying to keep up with her two older siblings, Carrie and Wayland. They told her she could only tag along “if she could keep up.” Her fear of being left out created a strong determination in her formative years. That drive equipped her to keep pace with her siblings, who were six and seven years her senior. She also spent time bossing around her younger brother, Patrick. Her mother remembers Ann, just a kindergartener, instructing two-year-old Patrick to recite the pledge of allegiance. Patrick definitely had a hand in developing Ann’s love for teaching.

Ann’s family moved to a small West Texas town, Sonora, when she was just ten years old. Sonora proved to be a nurturing, idyllic place to grow up. Ann enjoyed being involved in as many activities as time would allow. She especially loved the competition of basketball and track and forging friendships with teammates that have lasted throughout the years. The people of Sonora helped develop her faith and convictions that have shaped her life.

Her education continued at Angelo State University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Education. During her time at the university, she met Shon at Casino Night. After a brief courtship, they married while she was still in school, and he was beginning his career in law enforcement.

Ann taught third grade for two years at Water Valley Elementary before Kyle was born. At that time, she and Shon decided Ann needed to be a stay-at-home mom. Three years later, the family grew with the arrival of Jared. After nine years, Shon left the San Angelo Police Department to work for the Texas Department of Public Safety. This change led the family to move to Big Spring, Texas, which was close to Shon’s hometown of Ackerly.

Over the years, Ann went back to teaching elementary and eventually taught high school level mathematics. Shon and Ann both got their pilot licenses, which created a new opportunity for Shon’s career. They lived in Alpine, Texas, for a few years, followed by a time in El Paso. After twenty-eight years in law enforcement, Shon retired, and the couple made the most daring move of their life.

Ann’s writing developed through the telling of their many Alaskan adventures and misadventures on Facebook. Her friends and family loved the stories, asking her to continue writing about life in the land of the Last Frontier. Because of their solitude, Ann especially enjoyed the interaction from her friends, even if only online. Throughout this process, an unsuspecting author and this book were born.