Our First Winter

We didn’t know what that first winter would bring.  Before we knew it, we had a new mode of transportation:  snow machines.  Shon and I quickly realized that winter was the time to get around in our beautiful winter wonderland.  Our frigid adventures included making trips over the frozen Yentna River to pick up mail and supplies.  The frozen tundra allowed traveling to become easier, providing us the opportunity to meet neighbors across the river.  Not only did we make some new friends, but we also got to know Bob and Ruth, the original owners of the cabin on Cub Lake.  Most importantly, Kuma, a gorgeous German Shepherd puppy, became an important addition to the Parker household.     

Stories in this chapter:

Shon’s First Snow Machine Trip

Kuma for Christmas

Let’s Go!

Skwentna, Alaska

Delayed Gratification


Racquetball in the Bush

Bob & Ruth